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Redistricting in 2022

According to the Constitution, every ten years after the Census is taken, the states must redraw the boundaries for the State Senate, State Assembly and US House of Representatives. This is called redistricting.  New maps based on data from the 2020 Census are pending a decision by the WI Supreme Court before March 1, 2022.

10 Things you should know about redistricting

Current WI district maps

2011 Wisconsin Congressional District Map

2011 WI State Senate District Map

2011 WI State Assembly District Map

Learn About Gerrymandering

What is Partisan Gerrymandering?

How District Maps were drawn in 2011

Solutions to End Partisan Gerrymandering: The Iowa Model

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Take Action

What you can do...

  • Educate yourself about the redistricting process, the history of gerrymandering, and other states’ nonpartisan redistricting models

  • Tell your state legislators that you support nonpartisan redistricting

  • Ask your legislators to support Senate and Assembly bills on nonpartisan redistricting

  • Ask your legislators for a public hearing on Senate and Assembly bills on nonpartisan redistricting

  • Write a letter to the editor supporting nonpartisan redistricting

Find your Representatives

Other Resources

LWV-WI Fair Maps Toolkit

Fair Maps Toolkit: LWV of Wisconsin

WI Democracy Campaign Toolkit

Toolkit for Banning Gerrymandering in Wisconsin

Support other nonpartisan groups working for fair maps

Fair Elections Project

Common Cause Wisconsin

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign


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