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Making democracy work in Ozaukee County since 1957 and in Washington County since 2023

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, grassroots political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government.

We welcome anyone who wants to improve our systems of government and impact public policies through education and advocacy.


InclusiviTea at Quilt Museum

Head Table

Christy & Lexy

Head Table

InclusiviTea Panelists: Maria, Jane, Kate and Bianca

Head Table

Maureen and Diane, Planners Extraordinaire

LWVOz 65th Anniversary
Cherry Tree Dedication


spindly, scrawny

sapling throws no shade

not much to look at

blossoms drop before planting


take a photo anyway

Leaguers smiling beneath

the Kwanzan cherry tree

with a future full and lush


catch us laughing

under our cherry tree

here with us today

here for generations to come

Cherry Tree Dedication 3

Gotta Have Music

Flag Day Youth Voter Registration Party

Trivia Finalists

2023 MLD Award

Susan Waldo, Membership Chair, and Christy Schwan, President, accept the LWV Wisconsin Second Place Award for Membership, Leadership & Development at the 2023 Annual LWVWI Convention in LaCrosse.

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Upcoming Events

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